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About the Russian Bath in Antarctica


The idea of building Russian Bath in Antarctica was born in 2006. Russian Bath became a fist building of that kind on the territory of Antarctica. For Antarctic Russian Bath we have chosen glued timber size 160*160 cm as main material cause of its amazing thermal stability and energy efficiency. In summer 2006 the project of Russian Bath named «Antarctica» was developed, produced and test builded on Greenside’s factory in Saint Petersburg, Russia. All engineering systems were first made on special test model of Russian Bath in December 2006 - March 2007 on Saint-Petersburg’s Greenside factory. Glued timber parts of Russian Bath were shipped to Antarctica by icebreaker «Akademic Fedorov» in November 2006.

November 2007, «Antarctic team» of Greenside specialists had a trip to South Pole to execute construction works of glued timber Russian Bath kit. Now this building stands on Novolazarevskaya station, Schirmacher’s oasis, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Building process took 43 days.

Grand opening of Russian Bath in Antarctica took place on 20 December 2007.

Since then lots of people visited  Greenside Russian Bath. Guests of the Bath includes government ministers of different countries, public officials, members of Russian and foreign polar stations in Antarctica, scientists, extreme sportsmen and other famous people - for example Albert II, prince of Monako had several visits to Russian Bath in Antarctica.

click to see Timber GalleryIn August 2008 Russian Bath in Antarctica was assigned as world record and took place in «Record Book of Russia» as «first building of Russian Bath made of glued timber in Antarctica» and as «Great achievement in promotion of positive image of Russia».

Summer season 2010-11 in Antarctica was very tough for polar explorers and for Greensides Bath as well. In time from November 2010 till February 2011, Russian Banya was visited by 609 people from 23 countries. For all four years Antarctic Banya had 1626 visits by people all over the world. In this nomber was scientists,  government representatives of different countries, famous sportsmens, and many more intresting people.

Interesting point is that for all years of intensive explotaition of Banya in heavy Antarctic conditions, its timber construction was not damaged at all.  As we can see on photos, Greensides Russian Bath stands there as new.

Successful exploitation of Greensides timber banya in Antarctic conditions is the best proof of high product quality. Greenside team is proud for successfully realized project, and for great apportunity to make life of polar explorers more comfortable and to makel them fee like at home even if they are in Antarctica.

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