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Russian bath, Five years in Antarctica

In march 2012 was the end of another summer working session for polar scientists in Antarctica. Last season was rich for scientific and exploring activities. As one of the most valuable things we can point the collection of the water samples from lake in 3 km under Antarctic ice. Russian scientists on Polar station Vostok have discovered this lake and toke some water samples via ice well.

“From Russian bath to South  pole and back… to Russian bath” – that slogan was born few years ago on Novolazarevskaya station and now it is a everyday day reality for all explorers who haв a visit to Novolazarevskaya station in Antarctica. In 2012 Russian bath in Antarctica was five years old. For five years Greenside’s bath is still in perfect condition.  In last Antarctic season Russian bath was visited by 562 people from 22 counties (299 from Russia and 263 from different countries) For five years in extreme conditions of Antarctica Greenside’s glued laminated timber showed the best results and have proved high quality production level as well. For more information about the Greenside’s Antarctic bath you can email us to inform@greenside.ru

Баня из клееного бруса в Антерктиде.JPG