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Start of 56th Russian Antarctic Expedition

At 26 of October 2010 the icebreaker “Academician Fedorov” have leaved Saint-Petersburg - 56th Russian Antarctic Expedition began. Participants of expedition are seasonal polar explorers and scientists for work in winter session. The main goal for them is to prepare Ice airdrome and its premises for safe work during Antarctic’s summer season.2010 – 2011 (October – March).

The coming summer season in Antarctica should become recordly by quantity of visitors on “Novolazarevskaya” polar station. For four working months on the airdrom was planned to accept 15 flights, in which 4 planes of the international polar expeditions, and also 2 groups of scientists from NASA. At 28 of October was planned flight of 30 participants of expedition from Cape Town to Antarctic polar station “Novolazarevskaya”. The expedition includes experts in meteorology, an aerology, glaciology, geography, physics, and also scientists-polar explorers from "East" drill station .


Specially for visitors of polar station was opened 4th season of the first Russian bath in Antarctica constructed by “Greenside” company . The keeper of a bath Vladimir Baranov provides appropriate functioning, watches its general condition and manages hot steam for Banya's guest's. More than 1000 persons have visited Antarctic Greenside bath for 3 years of its functionality. As the special guest Prince of Monaco Albert II have been in Greenside's Banya in 2009.

The Idea of building a bath in Antarctica has appeared in 2006. This building should become the first wooden construction on Antarctic continent. As a material it was used glued timber sized 160*160 mm. In the middle of 2006 a bath "Antarctica" has been designed and made at Greenside's facility, test construction of the bath has been carried out in the same place. All engineering systems have been mounted on specially constructed breadboard model in territory of factory in  December 2006 - March 2007. The wooden part of a bath has been sent to Antarctica on the research vessel «Academician Fedorov» in November 2006. At 8th of November 2007 the  experts team "Greenside Antarctic Team" has begun bath assemblage at the Russian polar station "Novolazarevskaya".

The building process has took 43 days, and ceremonial opening was performed at 20 of December 2007. In August 2008 a bath "Antarctica" was recognized as a world record and has entered into «the Record' sBook of Russia» as «the First building of Russian bath from glued timber in Antarctica» and «the remarkable achievement promoting spositive image of Russia».
09 November 2010
56-ая Российская Антарктическая Экспедиция