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Learning American experience in construting of energy efficient houses.

At 23 of March in Saint Petersburg in Business center "Troitskiy" was a meeting of "Own business club" where were discussed problem of energy efficiency in suburban house building. Sergey Dobrego was reporting to the public about American experience in building of energy efficient houses. As example was presented house of Amory Bloch Levins, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Institute - RMI in Colorado.

As result, speaker has defined several general points in energy effective house design:

  • Main factor in energy efficiency of the house is architecture and its location on the landscape. Architecture project should be designed by professional specilists who emphasises for energy efficient house as result.
  • Second point is correct sealing of the house and selection of necessary constructive technique's for wall's, roof and foundation of реу house to aviod any loss of heat energy. Air circulation shoul be well designed to provide fresh warm air all time then it need. There are lot's of inexpensive methonds to install appropriate air condition system.
  • Next thread in energy efficiency is installation of energy efficient windows to your house, including windows with "Heat mirror" technology.
  • In American energetic system people can sell energy excess back to energy station. In that case any energy source inside the house (solar battery, windmill) can reduce energy costs. This is importaint factor in general energy efficiency of the house.(unfortunatly it doesnt works in Russia)
  • There are lots of other simple methods to make your house more effective but they all do work effective in complex. Each of them would not work good independently.

Now, in Russia it is rarely uses all these energy effective methods in process of house designign. Trend for energy effecticient house building will grow in nearest time cause of opportunity to reduce energy costs against the background of growing tariff rates for energy and steadily growing energy demand's. Today Greenside has developed complete cycle activitie of energy efficient house designing considering all factors which can make influence to project.

24 March 2011