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Cottage settlement "Western Sun"

Statuette "Western Sun"

Western Sun is the winner of the contest for «Best cottage village of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg’s region – Public selection 2008»  in nomination «Revival of  the best traditions of suburban  recreation».

Successful work in design, producing and constructing of wooden houses since 2001, has defined the beginning of Greensides self-dependent development projects. This is not only satisfaction customer’s needs of living in their own high qualitative wooden house, but also demonstration of companies achievements and its ecological orientation.

A wooden house in the "Western Sun"Cottage settlement «Western Sun» is located in Viborg’s district of St. Petersburg region, on the coast of Krasavitsa lake. You can reach it for one hour from St. Petersburg. Total area of the settlement is 5,4 ha. There are 28 comfortable cottages were made of high quality laminated timber for all season living and recreation of their owners. Guests of «Western Sun» can enjoy with lots of activities: fishing, hunting, different kinds of sports. «Western Sun» on  the Krasavitsa lake – the most ecological lake in St. Petersburg’s region, gives all opportunities for that.

You can see lots of foxes, squirrels, wild boars, elk’s and other animals in forests around cottage village. Fishing is another fun activity in «Western Sun». You can find lots of different fishes in Krasavitsa lake, such as pike, pikeperch, burbot, trout and other. Different wild berries grows all around the village for gather.

High class ecology combined with functional infrastructure which contains pier, sand beach, fisherman bridges, beautiful forest walkways, fireplaces, rock garden, arbors, barbeque, sports and children playground. All necessary engineering communications, water, electricity, canalization, are included in the offer. «Western Sun» is equipped by its own security post, which guaranties safety and comfort for owners and their quests.

Original line of «Western Sun» houses was designed by Greenside company specially for the cottage village. All cottages, sized 110-325 m2, was made in classic Scandinavian style.  Made of high class glued laminated timber. In 2005 cottage line «Western Sun» was awarded by Grand Prix in nomination «Best Business class cottage project». Cottage village «Western Sun» awards: «The best business class cottage village 2007», «Quality sign in segment of suburban building», «Best ecology of the cottage sattlement».

Коттеджный поселок ЗАПАДНОЕ СОЛНЦЕ дома из клееного бруса_.jpgКоттеджный поселок ЗАПАДНОЕ СОЛНЦЕ дома из клееного бруса.jpgКоттеджный поселок ЗАПАДНОЕ СОЛНЦЕ дома из клееного бруса пирс беседка.jpgпирс.jpg
These awards confirms base values of Greenside company – high ecological norms in building of wooden houses. There are no industries around «Western Sun», that is why settlements ecology is so clean. Greenside arranges all constructing processes in «Western Sun». Success of our project is powered by professional team of architects, constructors, engineers, construction workers and also own timber production facility in St. Petersburg.

We invite you to visit our guest house (House project Western Sun - 180) in the settlement to see all possibilities of  «Western Sun». Purchasing of the wooden house it is unique ability to live in harmony with nature, to hide from cities stresses in peace and quiet suburban house. That is why today people want to have unique and quality house in cottage settlements with advanced infrastructure in combination with cities comfort and virgin nature beauty. Regardless high offer range on the market, there are not to many projects which can satisfy all customers needs. When client picks a house in cottage village, he want to buy it in reliable company which is professional in building business.

Greenside company builds wooden houses made of glued laminated timber in cottage settlement «Western Sun». We offer to you plot of land with a house for sale, please contact us.