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Architectural styles

Exactly an architecture most deeply reflects the esthetic ideals, tastes and preferences of people. Becoming a material embodiment of artistic consciousness, housing bears an important cultural and historic destination.

A style of house reflects the level of taste and cultural preferences, solidity and inner strength of its owner. Also the style unites house with the fundamental pillars of society and human history, expressing the idea of ​​eternity. In modern practice of low-rise wooden houses building is not all settled yet. The number of completed projects reiterations is not large. And anything but all of the architectural concept was widely publicized. Therefore on our website we only denote the current trends and try to classify the major modern architectural styles in the designing of wooden houses.

Trends in wooden construction on our practice reflect the following common architectural styles and trends:


1. Scandinavian classics

The name of this direction is very conditional. Many elements of different styles of wooden housing is borrowed from Scandinavia. The style architecture defines a «folk» or «rustic» style of the Scandinavian countries (Finland, Norway, Austria and others). The characteristic feature of this style is the principle of traditionality.

People's (or village) traditional style is called «country». These homes based on a compact (square or rectangular) plan, have a low plinth, no basement, gable roof of the middle slope, wide eaves, decorative window frames and doors, shutters, enclosures based on traditional national art and culture.

The classicism of this style is characterized by the rational geometry of the bulk forms, regularity of a layout, restrained decoration, symmetric of axis.


2. Chalet

Translated from the French «chalet» means a «shepherd's hut». A characteristic feature of the chalet is a gable roof with a strongly projecting eaves overhangs. The walls are executed in wood. In modern houses of this style first floor (basement) is often made ​​of stone.

Among other features of the style can be noted balconies under the low overhanging roofs and terraces which jut out the perimeter of the house.

Дом из клееного бруса Greenside

3. Modern

With the development of wooden housing traditionalism in architecture gave way to innovation, searching for distinctly modern artistic language which is not focusing on historical shapes more. This explains the emergence of new principles of building design in direction from inside to out. So organization of house internal space and its reasonable layout began to determine its volume-space solutions and external forms. The facade of the wooden house can be asymmetric if it is required for the convenience of space planning.

In modern style a variety of features from «national romantics» to «universal beauty» can be synthesized and various techniques, methods, forms can be combined. But unlike an eclectic style, the internal and external elements of the house arrangement will always create unbroken image. Internal and external volumes follow a single trend.

Дом из клееного бруса ГОТЛАНД.jpg

4. European modern

This is a designation of the modern architectural style in which GREENSIDE in early 2011 has developed a new line of homes. With the advent of technologies of construction aimed at the creating of energy efficient homes trends in the architectural design of the wooden houses have changed too. The new architecture synthesizes the possibility of advanced technologies. Our style is characterized by straight lines, use of large glazed spaces on the sunny side, open constructions, finishing wall panels and other individual elements. A specialized engineering equipments such as optical fibers, ventilation shafts, Heath Mirror glass and others, are used In the wooden house design.

Северные сосны 466-289.jpg

5. EcLecticism. Romantic eclecticism. Historicism.

This trend has declared itself in the second half of XIX century. The basic principle is «the modern house is like historic house». The form of the plan, the bulk structure and eurhythmics of wooden house can be very diverse. All the elements of previous trends and styles are treated as self-existing.

The most characteristic feature of the style can be considered a high and fairly steep roof. Due to the multiple levels of the roof, gradually rising one above the other and finished by turrets and steeples, the building resembles a fairy-tale tower. The windows are usually mounted with small glasses, assembled in the artwork, sophisticated frame.

Western sun 260

6. Western sun

GREENSIDE has developed and implemented their own development project (cottage village) named «Western Sun» in 90 kilometers North-West from St. Petesburg, Russia. All the houses are built of glued timber and executed in the same architectural style «Western Sun» which was developed specially for the project. The architecture of houses combines elements relating to the style of «Scandinavian classics» and «Modern». The result organically fit into the natural environment at Lake «Krasavitsa» («Beauty») and is called to recreate the atmosphere of St. Petersburg countryside relaxation of the past centuries.