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Architecture and designing

Modern view of Greenside houses designs by famous Russian and Finland professional designers. Organic combinations of wood and stone’s, large window areas create new style of house for suburban living. Greenside architectural unit allow us to offer unique house-projects lines and personal design service as well. 

Projecting_page.jpgOur website contains projects which were realized for our clients within all years that we work in wooden building. Finished timber house is result of painstaking work of Greenside professionals. All Greenside specialists have many years of practical work in our field. High quality of Greenside products depends in first place of their professional level. That’s why Greenside constantly increasing level of employees qualification.Greenside production facility allow us to create high quality laminated timber and also to control all process from house producing till the moment of client acceptaince. Despite large range of our typical projects we pay very much attention to individual house design for best customer satisfaction.

We provide several variants of wooden house desiGhing service:

1. Individual house designing

First stage is to create sketch draw, based on customer’s description, landscape location, side lights, viewpoint and other... After that we can define total areas of the house and internal functionalities. Facades and house incisions shows us future look of your house. All design works manages in "Architectural Desctop" programm. We can provide 3D model and even live model of your future house in size 1:50, 1:100.

2. House designing based on one of Greenside regular project’s

If you want to build the house based on our regular project, Greenside specialists will be glad to give you a detailed consultation about chosen house and further changes in project if it necessary.

3. Project designing based on client’s sketch draw.

Greenside specialists can design building architecture, based on sketch draw performed by customer in proper way.

In any case of house designing customer gets preliminary budget for building.

Wooden houses require careful consideration of each stage of designing and construction:
  • House creation begins from designing its project. Greenside specialists have accumulateed rich working experience in wooden house building. Architects of Greenside have designed more than 300 projects varying difficulty.
  • Next stage is development of working documentation. This point suggests detailed plan of all necessary drawing’s to start house construction:
    -  Architactural project;
    -  Designing documentation.

All project documentation creates in specialized programs such as SEMA and ArchiCade. Foundation designing deserves special mention in house building. If you don’t have finished foundation to build the house, we will start the project from this point in first place. After studying information about soil type on your land we will offer optimal variant of foundation to you. All  necessary works manages by our partners, certified in this field. inour work we guiding by standards and requirements approved by the appropriate authorities.  Before building a house in seismically hazardous regions we provide additional analysis of force capacity of all building in case of earthquake.