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Construction and operation of the home

GREENSIDE builds wooden houses made of glued laminated timber since 2001. Keeping house building traditions and implementation of new constructive technologies we produce our timber houses by our own GREENSIDE technology. Due to that we can create wooden houses of all kind architecture styles and planning. Assembling of house basic kit is one of the stages in suburban house building.

Вид базового комплекта дома из клееного бруса
Сборка базового комплекта бани из клееного бруса
Assembling of timber  house is fast and easy process if you have managed following points:

1. All wooden details should be prepared (cutted and drilled) for installation of engineering systems on the facility – it will reduce time for assemblage of the house and require lower workers qualification;

2. Basic house kit contains all necessary mounting hardware, insulation and other parts – This material complex will guarantee non-stop building process regardless of material presence.

3. Basic house kit also include clear to understanding, detailed project documentation, which is corresponds with marked wooden house details – it will save your time in mistakes correction.

Despite the fact of perfect basic kit preparation for building we recommend you to use constructive services of high ranked professionals which can provide you appropriate level of construction management of technical support. Practice of wall building, beam constructing, insulation installation etc… all this methods may have same base but different suppliers have different way to mount their production. You must strictly comply to users manual when you mount it. In our practice we had cases when customers working group have built the house by their own manage opinion, excluding “unnecessary” kit parts. As result – construction loses its project integrity sequentially. Deformation arises right after finish of decoration house works and in further usage. It makes significantly more difficult to fix these mistakes.

Finally, it very important to make proper storage and transporting conditions of Basic kit and to make protective paint treatment of the house after its assemblage.

Greenside's timber house assemblage includes:

  • Timber preparation for mounting;
  • Full mounting of timber house with and insulation;
  • Mounting hardware installation;
  • Installation of door/windows frames and frame walls;
  • Boarding joist assemblage;
  • Trussing system arrangement;
  • Unloading house parts, area cleaning.

In our catalog you can see all our house and bath projects made of glued laminated timber. High quality material and world class management system allow to produce comfort, reliable and durable wooden house.

Greenside company and dealers can manage not only assemblage of the basic house kit but also all necessary construction works – from foundation arrangement to engineering communication and decoration works.