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House warranty

Strict warranty compliance is one of the main tasks for Greenside company.
Buying the Greenside house you will have two years of warranty for its components. In case of observing the requirements for log house operating, within two years, we can guarantee to you:

  • Simultaneous house sediment
  • Solid level of load bearing capacity
  • Absence of deformation of the timber elements
Standard warranty terms for Greenside’s production (glued laminated timber) you can see in typical Greenside’s contract.
Warranty terms for Greenside’s buildings are valid only in case of strict and proper implementation of technical operating requirements for wooden log houses within all warranty period.
Technical support may be provided by the customer on its own or by Greenside’s professionals. Greenside technical service is paid and provides on the contract basis which includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Jackscrew adjustment
  • Adjustment of fasteners on the tightening threaded rods
All these necessary works should run in process by established schedule till complete house sediment.
Service costs may diverse depending of house difficulty and its remoteness

Tech Support


TS 1

3 months

TS 2

6 months

TS 3

12 months

TS 4

18 months

TS 5

24 months