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Greenside production have several awards for its high ecological properties
All raw materials are exposing strict selection and have necessary ecological sertificates. Western Sun cottage settlement – its 28 houses made of environmentally friendly glued laminated timber and pure nature of Krasavitsa lake. In 2007 Western Sun was awarded in contest of “The Best cottage settlement of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburgs region – Public acceptance” in nominations for “Best ecology of Cottage settlement” and “Best cottage settlement according to Ecological House Standard”.

In August 2008, Western Sun was accepted as environmentally perfect by Saint Petersburg’s Green Cross Ecological Organization, and “Western Sun” house line – helpful for customer’s health production, obtained as a result of ecological productionю In December of 2007 Greenside’s team has finished building of Russin Banya in Antarctica on Polar station Novolazarevskaya

In production of components of Russian banya we used only ecologically clean materials. All engineering systems were designed to exclude Antarctic nature pollution. “Russian Antarctic Banya project” has proofed  high ecological level of  Greenside’s production, cause Antarctica – is the most clean continent of the planet, and its strictly forbidden to pollute by International environmental protection agreement. We have provided this moment and successfully realized it in life.

Баня из клееного бруса АНТАРКТИДАКедр - материал для производства клеенного брусаКоттеджный поселок ЗАПАДНОЕ СОЛНЦЕ. Дома из клееного брусаЗАПАДНОЕ СОЛНЦЕ 170 дом из клееного бруса