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Greenside glued timber

We produce glued timber Scandic™ since 2001

The difference between Greenside glued laminated timber and other offers is in special squared beam connection method. Our «lock method» improves characteristics of wind protection and prevents «cold bridges» inside a wooden house.

In production of our glued timber we use coniferous trees, mostly – North Russian pine and fir-tree.

We had certified and can use a method of «different wood combination» in one squared beam. This option allows to collect benefits of different woods in one squared beam. Today, glued timber from Greenside is the best choice for building a wooden house in difficult climate zones. 

Scandic Mini
85*140 мм
Scansic Light
125*140 мм
Scandic Natural
168*140 мм
клееный брус клееный брусклееный брус
Scandic Comfort
160*165 мм
Scandic Prestige
200*165 мм
Scandic Exclusive
240*165 мм
Клееный брус Scandic ComfortКлееный брус Scandic Prestige
Клееный брус Scandic Exclusive
Scandic Luxe
160*190 мм 
Scandic Favorite
200*190 мм

Scandic Premier 
240*190 мм
     Клееный брус 160*190       Клееный брус 200*190     Клееный брус 240*190    
Scandic High Luxe
168*192 мм
Scandic High Favorite
212*192 мм
клееный брусклееный брус
Scandic Optimum
Scandic Grand
Scandic Premium