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Greenside's facility

Production of Glued timber Greenside Sandic

Завод по производству клееного бруса GREENSIDE
Станок по производству клееного бруса GREENSIDE

Greenside started as timber house building company in 2001. In 2002 Greenside have launched own European quality glued laminated timber facility using Finlands and German equipment.

Production of Greenside timber.
Materials. In production of our glued laminated timber we use coniferous trees, mostly – North Russian pine and fir-tree. For exterior timber side we use the most esthetics wood with expressive texture.

Equipment. Greenside tm Production line was designed in cooperation with Finland’s woodworking specialists which have mounted all equipment in accordance with European quality standards. Mounted “Vainichek” dryers allow to use soft drying modes up to 10-12% of humidity. All harmful microbes dies in wood drying process, creates adversely conditions for vermin’s living. Dried material rasps in four sides on “Weining” machine-tool for next gluing.

High-quality ecological glue.
Lamella gluing are made on a powerful hydraulic presses with exact observance of necessary technical parameters with using “Akzo Nobel” Cascolit glue, which is exclusively applied to house living construction.

Glued timber profiling. After gluing material comes to the further machining: profiling on the quadrilateral machine tool, crosscut timber at size, sidetracking corners, grooving for installation of joiner's products according to the constructive design. Profiling glued timber allow to reach almost ideal surface of a product.

Packing and dispathcing. Ready glued timber house set marked according to the designing documentation and properly packed, storing at Greenside's warehouse till the moment of dispatch to the client.